Having had strong encouragement from his secondary education art teachers Nic Dempster developed his talent for painting at a young age. He first found inspiration in the rugged landscapes of his family farms and this love of his rural surrounding grew to encompass the sights he would later experience and captured in his travels throughout New Zealand, Japan, the United Kingdom and Europe.
After completing his masters in History, Nic spent time in the United Kingdom working as a full time artist. He adapted his subject matter to the new environs around him and found these to be just as popular as his New Zealand landscapes. New Zealand artists Colin McCahon, Rita Angus, Doris Lusk, Toss Woollaston and Nigel Brown were strong influences in Nic's art and he has taken elements of these art history greats to create his own distinct and unique style. Nic's pieces are modern, bold, iconic and stylised and the strong colours and black outlines of his buildings, harbours, boats, cityscapes and rural landscapes have made his paintings instantly recognisable.   

Gallery De Novo is delighted to host regular annual exhibitions of paintings by Nic Dempster, which continue to attract a large following from art groups, investors and art lovers alike. His paintings act as documents of the past, but at the same time, they exude a timeless appeal. Nic has had great success selling his works throughout New Zealand and abroad.

Below are works from Nic's latest show GREEN SPACE ADJACENT (August 2017)



Heirloom Tomatoes, Paris Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo

Heirloom Tomatoes, Paris

Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo

Handcoloured Lino Cut
Paper Size:49x31cm
Lino Cut 
Paper Size: 26 x 31cm
Broad Bay Boating Club Maheno Butchery, Otago

Broad Bay Boating Club

Maheno Butchery, Otago

74x63 (framed)
Oil and Acrylic on Board
Original watercolour painting on paper
Framed in black frame and white mount
66x56cm (framed)
Long Purple Night Passing Cloud (Umbra)

Long Purple Night

Passing Cloud (Umbra)

Acrylic on Board
69x41cm (framed)
Acrylic on Board
64 x 64cm (framed)
Long Light Oast House

Long Light

Oast House

Image size:25x50cm
Paper size:35x60cm
Original handcoloured wood block print
Available framed and unframed
Northern Cemetery White Wash I

Northern Cemetery

White Wash I

Original painting on board
54x74cm framed)
Original painting on board
33 x 32cm (framed)
Yellow II Small Eclipse (Green)

Yellow II

Small Eclipse (Green)

Acrylic on Board
41 x 41cm (framed)
Acrylic on Board
41 x 41cm (framed)
Eclipse I

Eclipse I

Acrylic on Board
31 x 31cm (framed)
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