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Eion Shanks

Oamaru artist, Eion Shanks has returned after a break away from painting.  But word is getting out that he has taken up the brush again and impressively, he has already held two successful shows this year.

Working on plywood with a palette knife is still Eion’s preferred method.

A Dunedin School of Art (Oamaru Campus) graduate, Eion has worked as a stonemason but more recently followed an interest in acupuncture and has since trained in this field.  He believes acupuncture is creative in its own way and there are a lot of similarities to art.

“I find the natural surface of the woodgrain energetic and inspiring.  I also paint and draw on paper and make etchings [prints].”  He sometimes uses images from his etchings in his paintings.  “My paintings are essentially landscapes painted en plein air, or studio-created images from dreams about my life.  Or a combination of both.” 

His time away from painting has resulted in it taking longer for him to complete a work.  “But that could be an age thing,” Shanks, who was born in 1960, says.

He still liked to include a structure in his landscape paintings, so many of his new works of Cape Wanbrow included its old military bunkers.  “I'm spending more time on the drawing and then painting in the detail.”

Shanks describes his work as ``internal and external view of life.  [They] are either stolen or enticed out to show themselves from their place of hiding. They are my journey as I see it.”  [Rebecca Fox, Otago Daily Times April 2018] 

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