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Flynn Morris-Clarke

Flynn Morris-Clarke’s paintings explore a psychosocial tradition of western portraiture as it exists within its contextual limit as a twenty-first century art practice. Using a plethora of found imagery, taken generally (but not always) from American, film and photography, Morris-Clarke looks to speculate how a romantic notion of intimacy could be classified as a difficult extension of voyeurism. Still this theme never becomes overly dominate; instead Morris-Clarke’s voyeuristic detachment is ultimately overplayed by the psychological brooding of his subjects, which seem to bring us somewhat closer.

Flynn Morris-Clarke is a Dunedin based painter,who qualified from the Dunedin School of Art gaining a Master of Visual Arts, majoring in painting in 2011. For the past 18 months he has been working on his unique painting technique and compiling an impressive body of quality work. Gallery De Novo is delighted to show case the work of this exceptional young New Zealand artist.

Flynn has been involved in numerous art exhibitions including the Blue Oyster Second International Art Fair and Temple Gallery, Dunedin (Group show) 2012, and the Art & Music, Dowling Street Project, Dunedin (Group Show) 2011 to name a few.

He has also been involved in the James Wallace Awards Exhibition after being named one of the finalists in 2010.

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