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Georgina May Young

Georgina May Young was born in the late 70's in a small town on the coast of the Eastern Bay of Plenty. There has been a long tradition in her family of engineers, tailors and bakers. Makers of things, this has continued with Georgina as an artist, mother and gardener. 

Working from a shared studio on the Otago Peninsula, Georgina is producing embroidery fine art and weaving works on a loom. Recently showing as part of the Vanished Delft: Handmade Material Culture at The Pah Homestead an exhibition of contemporary New Zealand object-making.

Her process begins with collecting photographic fragments of nature, imagery and aspects of still life. Developing a collage for her compositions, cataloguing and arranging the temporary. Each work becomes a unique collection of memories, held in place through each stitch. Hand-stitching each piece with meticulous attention to detail, intensive labour and care. This contrasts with much of modern life, with its hectic pace and material focus.
 Georgina's work is a slow meditation on an ecology losing balance, held through the movement of a needle. Seeking to embrace the tradition and to play with it in a way which acknowledges embroidery's history while working in a contemporary way.

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