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Greg Straight

Artist and illustrator Greg Straight explores the New Zealand sensibility with his bold graphic prints and cheeky take on Kiwi culture. His busy Auckland studio produces affordable art prints, plywood art, books and clothing – all with bold and relevant colour-ways, and Greg's trademark graphic style.
Greg originally studied Fine Art at Elam, which lead to a rewarding career in graphic design. Combined knowledge and skills from these vocations paved the way for his first range of art prints in 2010. This sought after collection was a reflection of his clear understanding of the design process, his strong graphic background and his on-going passion for the New Zealand identity.
Greg's work continues to be sought after by both corporate clients and a wider public audience and Gallery De Novo is pleased to be able to offer these works.
His signature style sets him apart with a confident 'kiwi cool' aesthetic, and a laid back vibe. Greg takes inspiration from New Zealand's clash of native bush and city living, resulting in a modern, relevant body of work. 

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