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Hayley Inder

Upon leaving school Hayley began a 4-year Manufacturing Jewellery Apprenticeship, which she completed in 1986.

The following three years she travelled the world and became heavily influenced by jewellery from all different countries and cultures.  Upon returning to New Zealand, she settled in Wanaka, Central Otago and evokes the casual lifestyle and vibrant natural landscape of New Zealand in all of her jewellery, so that anyone who chooses to wear it feels effortlessly           comfortable.
“I endeavour to make each piece a statement, yet want it to be elegant and comfortable to wear. While simplicity and style is important, putting balance to the irregular is where I have fun.”
Hayley uses a combination of Austrian swarovski crystal, cut glass beads and other carefully selected quartz from around the world in her jewellery design.  She also combines Italian chains with her own handmade silver shapes to create a strong and bold sense of individuality.  All    silver she uses is sterling silver, which she often satin finishes to give it the appealing matt     appearance.

Many of the colours and forms she crosses between art, design and fashion.  Her designs      display creative energy and a focused vision to make sure each piece has their own unique place on a woman’s body.

Her workmanship is distinctively contemporary with clean, crisp shapes that are entwined with bold silver chunks and precious stones often displaying a love for retro
shapes and forms.

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