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Janet De Wagt

Janet de Wagt is a New Zealand born artist who has lived and painted throughout the world.

Janet’s paintings reflect the New Zealand landscape she connects with and they are painted on site, in all weathers. Her highly expressive landscape paintings are readily identifiable and often capture the wilder side of the lower half of the South Island - including Central Otago, Dunedin and Riverton. Janet also likes to experiment with different shaped works - including long and narrow, and even angled canvases that project out from the wall.

She has held numerous artist residencies, and is heavily involved with teaching and promoting art and painting throughout the region. Along with painting and exhibiting her own work, Janet is a very busy artist!

Miniature Paintings

In 2012, during a trip to Europe, Janet worked on smaller paintings (significantly smaller than the canvases she and her numerous fans are used to) and produced a show titled 'Paintings from the Suitcase'. These incredible miniature works reflected the beauty of the landscape, that most of us would capture via a camera, but these had the added advantage of Janet's skillful brush work and ability to paint on site - capturing a truly unique piece. The show was a huge success and lead Janet to revisit the idea - however focusing closer to home. In 2013 she revisited the idea of painting miniatures with her show (t)here and everywhere with a large quantity of paintings based on Dunedin, Central Otago, Fiordland and Southland.

Her 2017 exhibition RAW showcased Janet's new collection of paintings inspired by the beauty of the South Island including Southland's Te Waewae Bay, the rugged West Coast, Lake Aviemore and Dunedin.

Janet's new work expresses the experience of painting on location, the force of nature at work and the stories of the people who leave their indelible marks.

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