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Jill Perrott

Jill studied at Elam school of art in the 1960's under Colin Mc Cahon, Garth
Tapper and Robert Ellis. She then travelled overseas, raised a family and
worked in educational publishing for several decades, until the 1990's when
her passion for painting gained momentum. Jill had her first exhibition in
1997 and has since gone on to win awards and exhibit nationwide.

Jill's work draws constantly on her love of New Zealand's headlands. The stark, powerful forms of sea and land-mass are recurring themes, rendered in a huge array of angles and moods from the wild and bleak to the quietly serene. With human activity reduced to insignificance in these canvases,
energy is instead communicated by lines of cliff and tide, of manuka and cabbage trees.

In her drive to capture the unique colours and textures of these places -
white light on wet sand, the damp blackness of the bush - Jill employs
unconventional painting techniques incorporating the use of heavily textured
surfaces and collage-like effects. In her commitment to portraying the richness of the natural world she shares the philosophy of Henry Moore, who commented, "Nature is inexhaustible. Not to look at and use nature in one's work is unnatural to me."

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