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John Santucci

Born in NSW, but growing up in South Australia, John Santucci now paints from his home in Byron Bay. After training as a fitter and turner, he attended North Adelaide School of Art. He then spent many years in the film industry working as a scenic artist and artistic director among other things, while also creating and exhibiting his own artwork.

Moving to Byron Bay a few years ago my work was mainly focused on surreal cityscapes and whimsical caravans, new surroundings launched thoughts of new directions. I didn’t want to pursue seascapes and lighthouses, instead I chose a subject that was quite literally staring me in the face. Our garden was somewhat basic, but Byron’s weather means vegetation grows fast, really fast! We planted madly, and this series is inspired by the fruits of that labour- a serene contemplation of form composition and natures incredible beauty.


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