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Kylie Duncan

Kylie says her love of art began as a child and continued throughout her schooling. Although Kylie decided not to pursue a career in art once leaving school, she enjoyed her passion as a hobbie.

While living overseas in her twenties, she found it was a relief to paint when she felt homesick and she carried with her the golds and blues of Central Otago, and the stormy greys of the Otago coastline.

On her return to Dunedin she was once again inspired by the landscape and beauty of the region she grew up in. Her art has become much more than a hobby since her solo exhibition at the Cleveland Art Centre in July 2003. Demand sees Kylie painting full time and her work has been sought from all over New Zealand and as far away as Britain.

She is passionate about her contemporary style and clean lines. She loves texture and uses a variety of media (both industrial and natural) including copper, inlaid stainless steel, plaster, aggregates, sand, black pearl, mother of pearl and paua.

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