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Kylie Matheson

Kylie Matheson claims to have been an animal lover for as long as she can remember.  But it was not until 2011 where both passions of Art and Animals crossed paths for her successfully, this was when she discovered clay.  Kylie had worked in other mediums earlier on but nothing came quite as natural as clay. Clay can interpret texture, movement and depth much like that of animal fur and feathers.

After travelling NZ in her bus for seven years she spent a short time in Napier, where she was introduced to cthis medium. Kylie then made the decision to move back to Dunedin in 2014 to study for a Diploma in Ceramics at Otago Polytechnic.

With sheer determination and hard work Kylie is a full time artist working from my home studio in Dunedin.

Recurring themes in my ceramics are that of relationships and symbolism - in addition to an arrow tattoo that belonged to Kylie's beloved Grandfather.

I use two red circles around the eye to represent the circle of awareness, both to the study of the animal and environment, and to the interaction with the work itself. The sculptures are loosely textured and the work of the maker is evident in the clay.

Portage Ceramic Awards 2019 - Merit Award to Kylie Matheson for Yoke

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