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Lisa Jepson

Drawing, painting and designing has been a passion of Lisa's for a long time.  She works from home (often in the kitchen) based at the bottom of Mount Grey in rural North Canterbury. She works mainly with acrylics, oils and pencils.

Artist Statement:

I have had some training in Practical Art, Technical Drawing and History of Art, but I am mostly self-taught. I have a strong love for my work, devoting countless hours. I have a love of colour and a craving for detail, so keeping the simplistic approach with my love of detail is always a challenge. It's safe to say I enjoy painting larger works as I feel I can have both detail and simplicity."

"I’ve always had an admiration for architecture and I am inspired by New Zealand’s character-filled buildings and the majesty of its landscape and its nature. From which I like to combine my modern designs with a stylistic and simplistic approach, then I add a kiwi flavour, mixed with striking, bold colour, creating an eye-catching piece and perhaps even sparking memories for the viewer.

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