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Nicki Gilmore

Nicki Gilmore’s paintings are studies of private, inner spaces. Depth and surface together form a horizontal and vertical tension. Water and its fluid properties of movement, distortion and transformation have become fixed and still. They evoke atmospheric places of isolation, of an inverted world.
Nature is always the starting point with Gilmore’s work and she depicts places where people and the natural world intersect, places that we escape to and find ourselves. These are spaces that evolve on the canvas, but suggest places that we may all find from time to time.

Gilmore resides in Dunedin and has completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts at the Dunedin School of Art. To date her stunning expressionistic landscapes and abstract paintings, have been awarded the following awards:
2012 Feldspar Emerging Artist Award
2010 Main Art Award - Dunedin School of Art
Highest Achievement Award - Dunedin School of Art
2006 Finalist Telecom Art Awards, Otago
2000 Finalist Telecom Art Awards, Otago
1998 First Prize - Telecom Art Awards, Southland

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