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Paul Lindsay

Paul was born in Invercargill in 1952. At school, Paul found himself continuously drawing instead of listening in his Latin lessons. He ended up leaving school at the age of 15 and worked as a Sign writer’s apprentice. This was the closest to Commercial Art as was possible at the time.

Paul was trained in sign writing with the use of pencils and brushes, drawn by hand, and with a strong emphasis on quality illustration. This experience showed his talent as a realistic painter, and he was soon inundated with requests to paint for friends and family.

Over the past few years Paul has combined his talent and love for painting with his, and his partners, admiration for collecting quirky objects (such as tins, ceramics and dinner ware) and their fascination with old and weathered buildings - villas in particular.

My paintings largely revolve around things we see every day, but rarely stop to look at. Light, is extremely important in a painting, without it there is no colour, contrast or shadow. The realist and technical nature of my work reflect my Commercial Art back-ground, disciplines learned back then are of much use today and are evident in my current work.”

Gallery De Novo has been showing Paul’s still life works for a number of years now and they are becoming increasingly sort after. Each piece takes him several months to complete and the attention to detail is evident. Often people viewing his still life paintings are confronted with the notion that the items are actually there.

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