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Sofia Minson

For over 15 years, fine artist Sofia Minson has captured the imagination of discerning art buyers worldwide with her original paintings and prints. 

Drawing on common myths and legends that unite us all, Sofia’s work has universal appeal, leading to exhibitions in such prominent cultural centres as: Italy, New York, Turkey and New Zealand.

She paints striking images inspired by her Ngāti Porou Māori, English, Swedish and Irish heritage. Her work is unlike anything else on the world stage. 

As an indigenous Māori artist from New Zealand, she has the unique perspective of having also lived in Samoa, China and Sri Lanka, and travelled extensively beyond.

With each brushstroke she expertly weaves ancestral wisdom from around the world into images for a globally connected audience.

Sofia has won three national art awards, including the prestigious Molly Morpeth Canaday Art Award. She is a four-time finalist in the New Zealand Portrait Gallery’s Adam Portraiture Awards.

Her powerful compositions feature in public art galleries:

  • Te Papa
  • Pataka Museum
  • New Zealand Portrait Gallery

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