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Susan Badcock

Art has always been a huge part of Susan and her family.  Combining her passions for art and photography, Susan produces delicate original hand-painted photographs.  Her photographs are one-off and become a painting in a sense.  Susan carefully plans and draws inspiration from what she sees.
Subverting the viewer’s expectations through her exploration of unusual perspectives is a common theme in Susan Badcock’s work.  Inspired by nature, Susan’s figurative still lifes employ visual tricks that demand closer inspection and invite the viewer to ponder its creation.
Whether it is a bird or a random arrangement of objects Susan uses traditional hand colouring techniques to highlight certain areas of the monochrome photographic images she takes and overlays illustrative elements with oil pastels, thus blurring the boundaries between reality and abstract dreams. 

Susan is a graduate of the Otago Polytechnic School of Art and has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.  She specialised in photography in her third year.

After working around New Zealand and overseas, Susan now resides back in her home town.  Opening the Susan Badcock Studio in Geraldine in 2014, the gallery space   showcases her own work alongside her father John Badcock and grandfather Douglas Badcock.
Susan’s work has appeared in art exhibitions across the country, including her most recent solo exhibition, Road Kill at her own studio, and has exhibited alongside Anne Ferran and renowned New Zealand photographers Anne Noble and Margaret Dawson in a group exhibition, Zero, in 1999.   Susan has also worked as a photography tutor at the Design and Arts College (Christchurch), a photographic technician, and photography assistant to esteemed Australian photographer Anne Ferran.


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