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Tim Chapman

After realising that having a party on a motorbike actually takes more hand eye co-ordination than expected, Tim Chapman focused his motor skills on creating drawings and water colours on both old book paper and new flash french paper.
Chapman grew up on a farm in North Otago and is essentially a self-taught artist .This was most partly due to a rejection letter from the art school of his choice, but mostly due to fortitude. He got a studio, started to produce art on his own terms, exhibited in both New Zealand and Australia and boom the rest is history.

  • 2013 - “BANG GANG” Wanaka
  • 2012 - “JACK O NEIL” Curated by Monster Children Gallery group show - Bali. Sydney. Japan. Durban. Paris. New York. L.A 
  • 2011 - “THE OUTSIDE” The Basement, Dunedin Good As Gold, Wellington
  • 2010 - “I EXPECTED BETTER” Monster Children Gallery, Sydney
  • 2009 - “DDC” Moray Place, Dunedin
  • 2009 - “PARTY ON A MOTORBIKE” Good as Gold, Wellington 
  • 2008 - “BE RAD” Monster Children Gallery, Sydney 
  • 2007 - “I LIKE LIVING CRAZY” Don’t Come, Melbourne 
  • 2006 - “GO FASTER TRY HARDER” Alpha 60, Melbourne 
  • 2005 - “BOGAN ART’ Area Gallery, Melbourne
  • 2004 - “KATE MOSS DOESNT FLOSS” Our Spot, Sydney 
  • 2003 - “DIRTY OL MELBS” General Store, Melbourne

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