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Frank Gordon exhibition - 12th Jul 2013 to 25th Jul 2013

The idea for this show started from a visit to the "Toitu" settlers museum. Frank had  always been fascinated by the portrait gallery there....
I was looking for a "face" for a painting but for what I had in mind I wasn't getting much inspiration from the mostly stern, unsmiling Scottish settlers.    But then I saw the photograph of (Elizabeth Douglas) the woman in the Leviathan painting and was taken by her youthful vitality and captivating smile. I thought about her epic journey with her family from Glasgow. It struck a chord with me.
I painted her as an"leviathan" sized woman, guiding a ship across the sea. An epic journey that I felt  deserved an epic treatment.

My last show was of saints and I wanted to do something similar here but with less emphasis on religion.   I have taken inspiration from many styles and genres to real and imagined people.
I believe that the viewer can decide whether they are saints or not. So if they decide "she is the patron saint of sunny days"or "bad moods" then that's fine by me.
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