Gallery De Novo News Feed Gallery De Novo Book Launch<p>We are delighted to be hosting the launch of: FREEDOM SONG&nbsp; - a collaboration of poetry by Emma Farry and paintings by Ewan McDougall.</p> <p>Join us: Saturday 4th August at 11am</p>1533297600 Launch iD Fashion - art show and couture hat installation Dunedin Fashion week 2018 is looking very exciting! We are proud to be a part of this and will be hosting a combined exhibition by <a href="/artist/Suzy-Platt" data-object-ref="artist:31">SUZY</a> and <a href="/artist/Mia-Platt" data-object-ref="artist:118">MIA PLATT</a>.&nbsp; Over 14 new paintings will be on display alongside a selection of handcrafted headpieces by couture milliner Susi Meares.<br /> <br /> <strong>The exhibition opens: 27 April 2018</strong>1524225600 Fashion - art show and couture hat installation Suzy Platt's Fashionable Show in London & Dunedin Platt has been invited to be&nbsp;a&nbsp;Paris&nbsp;Haute Couture S/S17 illustrator.<br /> <br /> Her works will form&nbsp;part of a show collaborated by famous photographer Nick Knight at SHOWstudio&nbsp;in&nbsp;London.&nbsp;&nbsp;<br /> <br /> A painting Suzy completed of Kate Moss will also be included in a significant show <em>Moving Kate</em>&nbsp;celebrating the iconic&nbsp;model&nbsp;and her work with Nick&nbsp;Knight.<br /> <br /> With&nbsp;iD Dunedin Fashion week&nbsp;on next month, and as proud sponsors of the International Emerging Designers Award.... &nbsp;what better time to showcase the international works of our talented local artist!&nbsp; Therefore - we are delighted to announce that we will be hosting <h2><strong>MUSE - An Exhibition by SUZY PLATT&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Opens:&nbsp;March 17th</strong></h2> <p>The show will run throughout the duration of iD Dunedin&nbsp;Fashion week too.&nbsp;</p> For further details and pre-exhibition enquires please do not hesitate to contact us, and be sure to get along to <a href="">iD Fashion week</a>.<br /> <br /> To view the current collection of works available by Suzy please <a href="/artist/Suzy-Platt" data-object-ref="artist:31">click here</a>1486465200 Platt's Fashionable Show in London & Dunedin Jasmine Middlebrook listed as one of the New Zealand artists to watch in The Listener 8th June Ainge Roy&#39;s&nbsp;article in The Listener (June 8th) is a very interesting&nbsp;insight into buying New Zealand art. Great to see <a href="/artist/Jasmine-Middlebrook" data-object-ref="artist:21">Jasmine Middlebrook </a>listed as one of the suggested artists to follow! &nbsp;<br /> <br /> Read the article <a href="">here</a>1465473600 Jasmine Middlebrook listed as one of the New Zealand artists to watch in The Listener 8th June Hope and Sons Art Award to Gemma Baldock to Gemma Baldock who recently was awarded second place in the 2016 Hope and Sons Art Awards at the Otago Art Society.&nbsp; More details regarding the award in the link below:<br /> <a href=""></a><br /> <br /> Gemma&#39;s collage work is being well received and has a growing audience&nbsp;and this award follows nicely from&nbsp;the 2015 Peters Doig Marlborough Art Awards where she was awarded First Place.<br /> <br /> &nbsp;1461844800 and Sons Art Award to Gemma Baldock iD Dunedin Fashion Week's iconic iD Fashion week is on 12 -20th March 2016.<br /> <br /> Gallery De Novo is once again delighted to be sponsoring the iD International Emerging Designer Awards on Thursday 17th.&nbsp; This is a great show featuring incredible talent from around the world and showcasing some local new designers too.<br /> <br /> Last years Gallery De Novo&nbsp;award winner, Emma van de Merwe, used&nbsp;the prize money to help relocate to London.&nbsp; We are very much looking forward to seeing what this years designers bring to the show.<br /> <br /> If you don't have tickets yet there may still be some available&nbsp;by <a href="">clicking here</a>&nbsp; and you can view the 2015&nbsp;award winners via <a href=""></a><br />1457434800 Dunedin Fashion Week Summer Hours De Novo will remain open 7 days a week throughout December:<br /> Monday - Friday 9:30&nbsp;-5:30pm and Saturday &amp; Sunday 10:00-3:00pm<br /> <br /> We will close 12:30pm on Christmas Eve.<br /> <br /> The Gallery will re-open Tuesday 5th January from 10:00 - 3:00pm.&nbsp;&nbsp;We will&nbsp; remain open for all of January at these hours 7 days a week.&nbsp;&nbsp; After these hours please feel free to contact us via email <a href=""></a> or on 0210305199<br /> <br /> Have a great summer holiday.1449572400 Hours Cabinet Art for Chorus - Frank Gordon<p>The Chorus Cabinet Art Programme works with communities to reduce graffiti. <br /> <br /> In 2014, the DCC and Chorus in conjunction with artists joined forces to transform regularly vandalised cabinets into works of art.&nbsp;The transformation&nbsp;of the cabinets&nbsp;reflect stories about the communities surrounding them. <br /> <br /> Following the success of the first round of cabinet art, the DCC and Chorus sought artists for&nbsp;more work to be completed in Caversham, Roslyn, Concord, Brockville, Bradford, Mosgiel, St Clair, Wakari, The Glen and Momona.<br /> <br /> Dunedin based artist, Frank&nbsp;Gordon was invited to adorn one of the cabinets and this is the result!&nbsp; This&nbsp;fantastic&nbsp;work of art is&nbsp;in&nbsp;Lynn&nbsp;Street, Wakari and was completed in April this year.<br /> <br /> To view more of artists&nbsp;work nationwide making a difference in their community, visit: <a href=""></a></p>1430395200 Art for Chorus - Frank Gordon iD Dunedin Fashion Week<p>iD Dunedin Fashion week is well underway, with lots of fashionable events on around the city.<br /> Gallery De Novo is proud to be a prize sponsor of the International Emerging Designer Awards that is on Thursday night.&nbsp; This show is a great display of creative talent!<br /> To find out more about iD Dunedin Fashion Week - visit: <a href=""></a></p> During this week we will be showing a collection of portraits by a Dunedin's own&nbsp;'Street Art Queen' - <a href="/artist/Andy-McCready" data-object-ref="artist:64">Andy McCready</a>, along with a selection of our other talented artists.<br />1429531200 Dunedin Fashion Week