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Ben Webb

Ben Webb (1976-2014) exhibited since he was 19 years of age. A self-taught artist, he was the youngest NZ artist to have shown in a public gallery. He held the Goethe Institut residency in Berlin in 2002 and has exhibited at Dunedin Public Art Gallery, Asia Pacific Triennial in Brisbane and Visa Gold Finalist Exhibition in 1996.

His international exhibitions include Redfern Gallery Sydney, the Noumea Biennial, JKunstraum Bethanien Berlin and Royal Academy of Art, Stockholm. He has also exhibited extensively throughout New Zealand and the majority of his work is now stocked at Gallery De Novo.

Ben's last annual pavement show, in June 2014, was made up of works filling all windows of Gallery De Novo.  The collection explored his existing interest in botany and entomology , but also incorporated images from life , that he  photographed and overworked.

We are fortunate to have a select few works by this talented artist available and we have photographed the collection below.  It is worthwhile to note, that the due to the nature and layering of these works the iridescent quality does not always show through in photographs.  Please contact us if you require any further details


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