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Di Tocker

Born 1971, Auckland, New Zealand Di now lives and works in Cambridge, New Zealand. She creates original Cast Glass Sculptures for Awards, Gallery Exhibitions, Commissions and offers courses and workshops in Glass Casting at her purpose-built studio in Ohaupo, Waikato, NZ.

Her works are thought provoking, slightly melancholy yet uplifting. Di uses the technically challenging medium of cast glass to explore the theme of relationships; in family, companionship and society as she has done throughout her glass making practice of the past 15 years.

Di is a regular visitor to Dunedin spending time with family. On one of her visits Di was inspired to create Carlton Hill – Front Steps. Di says, like most of her works the piece has meaning to her, evoking childhood memories however she is open to new stories for her artworks, encouraging others to find these within the glass rooms. Di explains “I consider myself a story teller…but I don’t supply the endings, they are created by those who take the artwork home”.

Di’s glass artworks are made using the method of lost wax casting, a lengthy laborious process involving model making with wax, rubber moulds, refractory moulds, kilns and glass polishing. Kiln time for the glass to anneal (cool safely) is one month for the large pieces.

Artwork in the Rooms series are arresting to view, drawing you in from a distance to inquire and wonder how Di has delicately poised the figure and objects within the solid yet fluid block of crystal. The bubbles and colour flow appear to float within creating an atmospheric moment, frozen.

Di's first Dunedin exhibition - Solo referenced each glass piece in the exhibition at Gallery De Novo, having a solo figure. Di undertook an artist-in-residence position at the Dunedin School of Art for 6 weeks in 2015,  which enabled her to focus on new works. 


  • 2014 - Greg and Trish Thomson - private commission
  • 2014-2008 - University of Waikato Alumni Association
  • 2013 - Waipa District Council - Heritage Award
  • 2013 - Waipa District Council - Biodiversity Award
  • 2013-2012 - New Zealand Contractors Federation (Waikato Branch)
  • 2010 - Brian Perry Classic ProAm Golf Tournament Awards


  • 2012 - First Prize - Sculptural and Decorative Glass - Easter Show Exhibition, Auckland, NZ
  • 2012 - Peoples Choice Award - Sculptural and Decorative Glass - Easter Show Exhibition, Auckland, NZ
  • 2010 - RE-FRACTION - The sculpture Park @ Waitakaruru Arboretum, Hamilton, New Zealand (for Stick to your Knitting)
  • 2002 - Australian Combustion Services Award for Excellence - R.M.I.T. University

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