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Eliot Coates

Otago based artist, Eliot Coates is captivated by many aspects of the New Zealand environment and his work is an exploration of the close connection he feels with the landscape and flora and fauna of home.
Eliot began painting seriously in 2002 and is self taught, learning by experiment and observations.
His works have atmospheric presence as he endeavours to capture the raw beauty of our landscape.  Often sublime yet so haunting.  Eliot’s geothermal scenes are frequently veiled by steam and mist, blurred landscapes reminding the viewer of early photographs of New Zealand.
Eliot works in oils on aluminium layering colour with the base imagery monochromatic in black and white.  Images are sourced often from origins unknown, the viewer is then not presented with specific places but rather hypothetical moments in time of our glorious surroundings.

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