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Ewan McDougall

Ewan McDougall was born in Wellington, New Zealand. His family later moved to Oamaru where he was educated at Waitaki Boys High School and taught painting by North Otago regionalist painter Colin Wheeler. Ewan attended Otago University while also working in freezing works and drumming in Rock bands. He gained an honors degree in Political Studies in 1971. He worked at Otago University as a junior lecturer and tutor before leaving to travel overseas.

Over the ensuing decade Ewan traveled extensively, working in mining, in pubs and on oilrigs. In the early 1980’s he returned to New Zealand with his partner, writer Sarah McDougall. In 1988 he was referred to Queen Mary Hospital at Hanmer Springs for treatment for addiction and while there he began to paint again. He has subsequently developed a vibrant signature style. ‘His witty, outrageous works are inhabited by a wealth of personal references to his often volatile life’. [Mark Amery]


McDougall has been painting fulltime since 1988 and has had seventy four solo exhibitions in prominent New Zealand Regional Galleries and dealer galleries and numerous group exhibitions as well as exhibiting internationally.

  • 1994 - Two group exhibitions in Penzance and St Ives in Cornwall, UK.
  • 2003 - Southern Heat in the Dunedin Public Art Gallery.
  • 2004 - Sydney Art Show with Gallery 2021
  • 2005 - Rebecca Hossack Gallery
  • 2005 - ‘Art London - The Chelsea Art Show’, The London Art Fair and the London Raw Arts Festival
  • 2005 - Arte Immagini Gallery, Cremona City, Italy
  • 2006 - Spanish Raw Arts Festival at Color Elefante Gallery in Valencia, Spain
  • 2008 and 2009 - ‘Hard Out’ McDougall’s twenty year survey exhibition toured South Island public and dealer galleries
  • 2012 - The Flagstaff Gallery [Devonport] in the Agora Gallery, Chelsea, NYC

In October, 2012, Ewan opened in Gallery de Novo in the Otago Festival of the Arts exhibition ‘When I’m 64’.This was the sixty-four year old’s 64th solo exhibition in New Zealand galleries.
In March, 2013, Ewan is exhibiting in the L’Estrange Gallery in Sumner with other Container Art painters and also in Exhibitions Gallery, Wellington, in the exhibition of painters whose work is on the new CD from Greg Johnson.

In 2014 we hosted Pearler - an exhibition and a book of paintings and poems celebrating the Thirty Year Wedding Anniversary  (the Pearl Anniversary) of Ewan and Sarah McDougall and their creative life together.  The exhibition and limited edition book are composed of seven poems to which Ewan has responded in paint, followed by eight of Ewans paintings to which Sarah has responded with poems.

2015 marked the year of Ewan's 74th solo exhibition and his 10th year accepted into the Wallace Art Awards.  His show LAND OF A THOUSAND DANCES centred around the large diptych work of the same name and of a time when Ewan played in local bands. 

"In this painting figures are manically gyrating, doing th' Watusi, or Alligator, as the sun comes up.  The all-nighter of old.  Today, I party-up through paint".

2017 ART BRUTE exhibition featured completed works with as "much vivid colour applied as brutishly as [the artist] could muster with knife, fingers and brush".  The show fell just prior to Ewan and Sarah travelling to Europe in April and showing Ewan's works at The Brighton Arts Festival.  This arts festival is a major feature on the British Art Scene and his works were on display there throughout May.

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