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Frank Gordon

Frank Gordon has painted most of his life.  He is largely self-taught and lists his major influences as Bruegel, Bosch, Glasgow artist Peter Howson and New Zealand artist, Michael Smither. There is usually an element of humour in his work with colourful characters engaging in their own mini dramas.

As a trained psychiatric nurse, and working daily with people that have experienced mental health problems, Frank’s life is as colourful as his paintings.  He tries to explore and express on canvas the story of people, the highs and lows, the dreams, quirks and absurdities of being human.

“I like to produce paintings that present a situation whether it is unusual, fanciful or a step beyond reality. There is usually an element of humour in my work. I don’t consciously set out to achieve this, it just seems to evolve with the process. Sometimes it is more subtle than others which are obviously a little bit quirky or even downright slapstick.”

In 2000 Frank settled in Dunedin from his home in Glasgow, Scotland and his love of the Otago landscape, culture and people is evident in much of his work.  He has exhibited since 2005, and won a number of local art awards, including Otago Phone Book covers in 2006 and 2007.

Frank has held numerous solo shows at Gallery De Novo, including his  A - Z of Saints (25 February 2011 at Gallery De Novo). This is a show that Frank had wanted to do for some time, because of his upbringing in a strongly Catholic Scottish environment which has given him vivid memories of the images of Saints.

“I find religious art fascinating, I’m inspired by its use of intense light and colour, how it depicts drama, peace and moments of revelation, sorrow and joy”.

Hand Drawn Maps

If you would like to view copies of his popular reproduced hand drawn maps - including Otago Peninsula, Dunedin City and University of Otago please click here.

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