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Gillian Pope

Gillian works from her studio overlooking Dunedin city and harbour, high up on Mount Cargill.  Landscapes, native birds, flora and abstract images interest her.
She graduated from the University of Otago with a Master of Science in Chemistry and worked as a research chemist in industry and medical research before becoming a mother, potter, printmaker and secondary school teacher.
As a teenager Gillian studied art with H V Miller at his studio in Normanby, Dunedin and later part time at the School of Art in Belfast, Northern Ireland, the West of England School of Art, Bristol, and at the Otago Polytechnic School of Art.  She has always made prints and painted.  Gillian’s work has been exhibited mainly in New Zealand but her work has been shown in Japan, Scotland, England, Canada and Fiji.
Her artwork uses silk screen printing to interpret her ideas and feelings. Colour and form are very important to the artist.  Gillian primarily works from sketches of around Dunedin and draws inspiration when tramping or travelling in New Zealand or overseas.

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