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Jasmine Middlebrook

Jasmine Middlebrook graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Otago Polytechnic School of Art in 2010.  Painting has been a lifelong obsession for this artist and she has drawn since she was a child. There is a personal meaning to her work but she likes others to find their own meaning and for people to create their own stories when viewing her paintings.  She was one of the highlights at the Dunedin School of Art students final year - SITE Art Exhibition 2010.

In the same year she graduated, Middlebrook won two major awards for her painting. Taking second place in the Invercargill Licencing Trust Art Awards, a competition open to all NZ artists and then winning the Otago Polytechnic Dunedin School of Art’s Main Art Award in 2010. She has gone on to win over 20 National awards including the Molly Morpeth Canaday art prize.
Jasmine is an extremely talented and motivated artist, whose work has been sold throughout New Zealand and overseas, gaining huge popularity due to her skill and unique subject matter and style of painting.  She impresses with the depth and uniqueness of her work. 
Few artists can paint portraits, animals, still-life, landscapes and architecture with such realism, yet still be comfortable with leaving areas of the canvas in a semi abstract raw state.  It makes some viewers think they are looking at a collage, as opposed to a work done completely by painting with oil on canvas.


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