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Mark McLeod

Mark was educated at Hurlstone Agricultural high school in SW Sydney, then commenced training in Landscape Architecture at the University of New South Wales, before deciding to concentrate on his art.
In 1991 he moved to Queenstown where he lived for several years, before purchasing land in rural Southland. He has sold paintings since the 1980's and his work has evolved with each decade. His works sell very well and capture an incredible record of the land forms and atmosphere of our surrounding landscape. Mark is also interested in the New Age movement, Buddist philosophy and the alternative rural lifestyle movement.
"While some of my paintings have been private or commercial commissions, and there are an increasing number of landsapes, the majority are the product of pure self-expression, commenting on various social issues and exploring future lifestyle possibilities related to the philosophies mentioned above". Mark McLeod
Mark’s works have been purchased by collectors throughout New Zealand and overseas, and often by repeat buyers of his work also. They are highly detailed original oil paintings on canvas, finished to an outstanding degree. Even when you look at the shading of his landscape work, or the darkened leaves in his floral paintings, you can see that just as much time is spent on these areas as the main focus of the work.

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