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Simon Kaan

Land, sea and sky dominate Simon Kaan’s works. The spaces are fragmented by floating, horizon lines, which create a sense of rhythm and movement – a rhythm Kaan says echoes that of the sea and the waves. Kaan is of Ngai Tahu, Chinese and European descent and, though the waka shape is distinctly Māori, Kaan says the boat as a vessel for the living and the dead is pretty much a universal symbol.

The waka-like shape brings to mind the curved edge of a wave as well as a celestial vessel carrying spirits from one world to the next. It is also a way for him to locate himself in the work.  Likewise the moth that appears in works, is a carrier of spirits in both Māori and Asian cultures.

Kaan graduated from Otago Polytechnic School of Art in 1993 with a Diploma of Fine Arts in Printmaking (Hons).  He appears in numerous publications and has held many solo exhibitions and during the past two decades, he has become highly sought after and collectible. 

Gallery De Novo is delighted to have a selection of Kaan’s works available – including original paintings, monotype prints and wood block prints. Please enquire as to what works we currently have by this very popular New Zealand artist.

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