Ana Teofilo

Ana Teofilo

Ana Teofilo is a New Zealand born Samoan Visual artist who creates contemporary Pasifika art works from her hometown in Dunedin. She was the recipient of the Con Hutton Scholarship in 2015 which contributed to her Masters in Visual Arts from the Dunedin School of Art at Otago Polytechnic. Highlights of Anas milestones so far include being part of the Auckland art fair in 2018, doing workshops in the South Island, the Edinburgh award winner for 2022, live interview of her solo show 'Alofa' on the AM newshub for being first and only Pacific artist to exhibit at the Dunedin International airport and last but not least juggling motherhood with 3 little children.

Ana's practice is unique in that she merges her Samoan heritage and the Western influence to create eye-catching works with Polynesian motif patterns that are carved into painted board and then decorated with glue dots that are opaque but reflect the base and surrounding colours to enhance the three dimensional effects of the carving to form striking artworks. She works with all sorts of sizes & shaped boards from circles, squares to frangipani shapes. She has works sold across the country and internationally and is open to commissions. The uniqueness and strength of her paintings brings a breath of fresh air to the Pasifika genre of art in New Zealand.

Loved Through Alll Four Seasons - Green


Loved Through All Four Seasons - Autumn


Here in Every Realm


Transcience of Life


Strength and Beauty

$1,350.00 Sold

Strength and Beauty II


Squeezed with Love, Orange


Squeezed with Love, Green

$990.00 Sold

Squeezed with Love, Teal

$1,480.00 Sold

Flourish Through Life (triptych)

$850.00 Sold

Strength and Beauty IV

$1,350.00 Sold

Strenght and Beauty III

$1,350.00 Sold

The Ancestors of the Polynesians


Slice of Paradise - Lanu Meamata Tipani


Slice of Paradise - Lanu Mumu Tipani

$1,250.00 Sold

Slice of Paradise - Purple


Alofa III


Slice of Paradise - Sienna


Alofa III mini