Annie Smits Sandano

Annie Smits Sandano

Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Annie has lived in New Zealand, Italy and the UK. Having completed her Fine Arts education at Elam School of Fine Arts with Honours and the Rhode Island School of Design in the USA, she has since exhibited in New Zealand, Australia, the UK and the USA. Annie currently lives and works between London and Auckland.

Assembling, collating and hybridising to reconfigure visual vocabularies, she works across a variety of media. Her first exhibited works were wood block prints and she has extended her visual investigation and practice into the area of painting and ceramics.

Recent acquisitions have seen works featured in The Wallace Arts Trust, The Hilton Group and the Deloitte Art Collection.

Recent achievements include having an installation selected as finalist and catalogue cover for New Zealand's 2019 Portage Ceramics Award, a piece featured in Prince William and Catherine Duchess of Cambridge’s private collection and having two pieces selected as finalists for the Waikato Society of Arts Waikato Youth Art Award. Her work has also been featured in Denis Robinson’s publication, New Zealand Gallery. 

Striped Vessel 14


Striped Vessel 15


Striped Vessel 16


Striped Vessel 17


Striped Vessel 18

$225.00 Sold

Striped Vessel 19






Kowhai Tuis


Confetti Jug 8


Dalmation Jug 5


Dalmation Jug 4


Kowhai Grove

$2,950.00 Sold

Dawn Chorus

$3,740.00 Sold

Flourish IV






Pleasure and Play I


Pleasure and Play II


Confetti 34


Confetti 14

$260.00 Sold

Confetti 44


Confetti 35


Confetti 20

$325.00 Sold





Pacific Wind


Honey Summer


Cinnamon Flower


Fantail Wreath


Kura Paru Circle


Pacific Garden


Night Sky Fantails


Tui Wave


Night Sky Tuis


Green Fantail Porohita


Blue Fantail Hapu


Green Fantail Hapu


La Dolce Vita V


Sunday Bloom VI


Sunday Bloom VIII