Beverley Frost

Beverley Frost

Beverley is a Christchurch based artist working mainly in acrylics and watercolour. Born in 1965 and educated in England, she chose to move to New Zealand in 1990.

She has been painting for over 20 years and following several successful exhibitions was able to commit as a full time artist in 2000. Moving from home to her professional studio in 2004 was a lifelong ambition.  The life changing Canterbury earthquakes in 2011 radically altered her focus and she now also supports local artists at her studio, offering space for them to exhibit their work in the gallery she owns and manages called Art Box Gallery.

Her style is ‘super’ realism with bold use of colours and precise definition.  Her chosen subjects include NZ images that have touched her heart to still life studies that leap out of the canvas. Beverley works from her studio, is represented by galleries around New Zealand and also exhibits work regularly in Auckland and the South Island. Her vibrant paintings are held in private collections worldwide. She was awarded the Premier prize at the 50th Ashburton Society of Arts exhibition and has had her work feature in the 2015 New Zealand Art Calendar. 

Retro Cherries


Daisy Chain

$450.00 Sold

Govenor's Bay Garden

$2,950.00 Sold


$2,900.00 Sold

Low Tide Marahau


Bright and Breezy

$2,000.00 Sold

Walk with Me


The View

$2,950.00 Sold

Walk with Me II

$3,900.00 Sold