Di Tocker

Di Tocker

Di Tocker studied at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia after her big O.E. Exposed to all aspects of glass making she chose to focus on casting glass, graduating in 2002 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts – major Glass. She then returned home to NZ and now works from a studio beside her home in Cambridge.

Di talks about her unique cast glass sculptural artworks… “The grungy process of casting glass requires handling heavy plaster molds, high temperature kilns and diamond polishing gear. Eventually, after many methodical hours, shiny glorious objects emerge; weighty glass sculptures capturing the semi-permanent flow of melting lead crystal. There is a calming balance of chaos and control, parading under the shiny exterior of my glass sculptures. I test and experiment with glass flow aiming to suspend colour mid-stream.  Inspiration is found in the forms and atmospheres of nature, and constantly pushing techniques and ideas with a keen sense of curiosity about “what next”. 

Awards / Prizes

2022 – Highly Commended – RT Nelson Awards for Sculpture, Wellington, NZ
(Submerge – Purple Fall and Submerge – Ice Melt)
2020 – Peoples Choice Award – NZSAG Members Exhibition, NZ Glassworks, Whanganui, NZ (Submerge #8)
2015 - Third Prize - Sculptural and Decorative Glass - Easter Show Exhibition, Auckland, NZ (Communicate!)
2014 - Peoples Choice Award - NZSAG Members Exhibition, Pah Homestead, Auckland, NZ (The Signs are There)
2014 - First Prize - Sculptural and Decorative Glass - Easter Show Exhibition, Auckland, NZ (Room #1)
2014 - Peoples Choice Award - Sculptural and Decorative Glass - Easter Show Exhibition, Auckland, NZ (Welcome to my World - Blue)
2011 - Finalist - Ranamok Glass Prize, Canberra Glassworks, AUS (Stick to your Knitting #2)
2010 - Excellence Award - RE-FRACTION - The Sculpture Park @ Waitakaruru Arboretum, Hamilton, New Zealand (Stick to your Knitting)
2002 - Australian Combustion Services Award for Excellence - R.M.I.T. University

Navigator Couple - Green and Gold


Traveller - Gold


Traveller - Bright Blue


Team of Two - Green mix


Headspace Turquoise


Small Odyssey - grey/blue


Magic Odyssey


Buttercup Traveller


Truly Deeply - red pink

$1,465.00 Sold

Truly Deeply - Violet Aqua Mix

$1,465.00 Sold

Navigator with Couple

$2,680.00 Sold

Headspace (green)

$1,300.00 Sold

A Long Courtship

$4,200.00 Sold


$3,900.00 Sold

Couple on Tall Plinth

$2,450.00 Sold


$4,800.00 Sold

Submerge 14 Teale

$5,000.00 Sold


$6,750.00 Sold

I Built A Bridge

$5,400.00 Sold