Hamish Allan

Hamish Allan

Having completed two health-related degrees, Hamish worked as a physiotherapist before embarking on his artistic career in 1999 - initially concentrating on sculpture, then moving his attention to painting.
Hamish’s style is characterised by clean precise imagery, depicting stylised representational New Zealand landscapes and incorporating distinctive architecture. His interest in the relationship between the landscape and human intervention is often present, and he endeavours to portray this in a contemporary manner.
Hamish’s work has a feeling of space and a sense of the serene created by leaving out unnecessary imagery, creating a stripped back essential image. Taking time to render a seamless drift of tone and a conscious pushing and pulling of perspective provides an intriguing and rewarding visual experience.
We are delighted to have Hamish Allan's works as part of the Gallery De Novo collection.  His works are striking and beautifully presented.  His attention to detail and finish is amazing.

The Pied Piper




Where the Banshees Cry

$1,900.00 Sold

Big Bird

$790.00 Sold

Killing Me Softly

$4,150.00 Sold

Golden Brown


Small Fish



$790.00 Sold

Hide and Seek

$4,800.00 Sold

Death and the Maiden

$1,800.00 Sold

Little Wing

$1,800.00 Sold

Hyper Dreams

$4,300.00 Sold

Show Boat and the Pleasure Garden

$6,500.00 Sold

Take A Walk on the Wild Side

$790.00 Sold