Jan Ingram

Jan Ingram

Jan was born in Dunedin, and attended Queens High School.  She went on to complete a diploma of Fine Arts at Otago Polytechnic School of Art, specializing in Ceramics in 1982.  In 1983 she was awarded the New Zealand certificate of Ceramics, achieving the highest award for Domestic ware.  From 1984 – 88, Jan worked as a Display Artist/Assistant Curator at the Otago museum.

In 1989, Jan started painting part-time in oils and gouache.  Her first solo exhibition came several years later at Gray’s Studio, Dunedin.  After the success of this exhibition Jan started painting full time, in her preferred medium, gouache, and has not looked back since.

To date, Jan has the following won the following awards:

1997Received the Otago Art Society’s Pledger Award
1998Won Hope and Son’s Sponsors award
1999    Invited as the guest artist at Balclutha Art Society
2000    Winner of the Lula Currie award, selected by artist members of the Otago Arts Society 
2000    Received third prize in the Hope and Son’s Exhibition
2000    Winner of the Mica Award, Macandrew Intermediate Art Auction
2001    Winner of the Lula Currie Award, as selected by artist members of the Otago Arts Society 
2001 Winner of the Art Zone award, Otago Art Society Spring Exhibition.

The quality and immense attention to detail in Jan’s work is obvious.  She has mastered her technique and her medium – gouache.  Her works have found admirers from all over New Zealand and overseas.

GOUACHE: (pronounced gwash) A heavy, opaque watercolour paint, sometimes called body colour, producing a less wet-appearing and more strongly coloured picture than ordinary watercolour.  This medium was used by the likes of Giovanni Castiglione (1610 – 63); Vincent Van Gogh; Paul Klee; and Pablo Picasso


Ocean Tones

$1,350.00 Sold

Back Garden Treasure

$640.00 Sold

Afternoon at Rod's

$1,390.00 Sold