Kelvin Mann - Flock works

Kelvin Mann - Flock works

This collection of works are Kelvin Mann's Flock prints.  Each work has coloured velvet fibres as part of the work. 

They are made by screen printing onto paper with a tinted ink/glue and placing it on an earthed steel plate.  A sieve charged with 60,000 volts containing flock fibres is subsequently waved over it.
The flock fibres, attracted by the earth rush towards the surface and are embedded vertically in the glue achieving a velvet like finish.

The flock fibre is applied to either the raw paper, etching, carborundum or gold and silver leaf.

Flock of Black Birds

Flock of White Birds

Dragonfly - Red

Dragonfly - Black

Grey Fantail

Skein - North East (blue)

Skein - North East (black)

Skein - North West (yellow)

Skein - North West (blue)


The Fish

Orange Fantail

Green Fantail

Blue Fantail

Two Goldfish on Red

Two Goldfish on Black

Flock of Black Robins