Maria Kemp

Maria Kemp

Maria Kemp is an established and highly successful local Dunedin artist who excels at capturing the fluidity of the Otago landscape. She has painted for over 20 years and this turned into her full time profession in 2003.

“My desire has been to transpose conceptual ideas in visual language. Inland regions of Otago and greater Strath Taieri are recurring subjects in my painting. These landscapes have been centered on my childhood memories of Sunday drives with my family. I explore the ideas of memory, faith and perception. In my painting I portray the metaphorical notion of the earth stretched out like fabric, suggesting a craftsman, designer or omnipotent creator. I identify the earth as a garment with its patterns, folds, and complex ordered design, I see continuous affinities that fascinate and resonate within me. I am drawn to the concept of seeing all the elements in our lives being woven together on an unseen loom.” - Maria Kemp

2011 - Otago Art Society 1st Place, Gaye Rowcroft Award
1996 - Telecom Art Awards Winner
1994 - Otago Art Society People’s Choice Winner, Annual Art Awards

Her paintings feature in the public collections of the Dunedin City Council and Wellington Public Library and private collections in Canada, U.S.A., Scotland and Australia.

Flit Across Otago


City Of God


Peninsula From Sandy Mount

$5,950.00 Sold

Mount Buster

$5,650.00 Sold

Coast, Dunedin - view from Mt Cargill

$5,950.00 Sold

The Saddle - View from Bush Road

$5,600.00 Sold

Woven Together (Central Otago)

$3,900.00 Sold

A Road Less Travelled (Dunstan)

$3,900.00 Sold

Overview, Sandy Mount, Peninsula

$4,500.00 Sold


$1,700.00 Sold

Just Blending in


Otago Peninsula (panorama)

$1,700.00 Sold

Strath Taieri Farmlands

$3,900.00 Sold

Karetai Track - View of Dunedin

$3,700.00 Sold

Birds Eye View - Karitane

$4,200.00 Sold

Cloud Veils

$6,900.00 Sold

The Remnant II

$7,100.00 Sold


$1,700.00 Sold

Windswept Otago


On The Saddle, Brighton to Scroggs Hill


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