Philip James Frost

Philip James Frost

Philip James Frost is a talented Dunedin trained artist.

His works are incredibly popular and readily identifiable. The use of mixed media such as oil, pastel, collage and paint on paper and/or canvas present an element of pop culture. His clean line, free hand drawing skill is brilliantly juxtaposed with heavily worked bright oil colours - showing the differing layers to this artist’s technique. What may first appear as working drawings actually make for visually interesting interpretations of modern culture and society. Philip has also turned this fascination into print form, collaborating and designing with Company of Stranger’s designer Sara Aspinal for their Exile! Fashion collection. 

In 2012 he was invited to exhibit a new collection of work at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery. This show, titled Forkboy, consisted of large works on canvas and paper and highlighted the artists unique style and artistic practice.  As of July 2013, Phillip left his home town of Dunedin for Sydney, Australia, as part of an impressive artist residency for Blank Space Gallery.

Philip has pieces housed in numerous private and commercial collections, throughout the country, and overseas.  He has had numerous articles and reviews of his works published, with the most recent being the subject in Homestyle magazines Discover article (August/September 2013 issue).

We were very pleased to host Philip's first solo exhibition CRUSH since his public show and art residency, in his home town of Dunedin.  The show was a huge success and increased interest in his work.  Gallery De Novo has now hosted three solo shows by this talented artist and are pleased to have on offer currently a good collection of his most recent works.



No Colour, No Life

$3,100.00 Sold

Sold Everyone Everything


Lost Can Never Be Found

$3,200.00 Sold

Untitled (collage)


Untitled I (canvas)



$3,900.00 Sold

Untitled II


Robo Human



$1,250.00 Sold

Run PJF Run II


A Snapshot of Reality, A Shorthand of Sensation

$4,800.00 Sold

Untitled - Coded Portrait

$2,500.00 Sold

Untitled (triple zero)

$2,400.00 Sold

Untitled - Man

$1,250.00 Sold

Untitled 3-10

$1,850.00 Sold

Everything Burning Everythings Fine

$1,800.00 Sold

Build Peace with Fear by Force

$4,200.00 Sold

A1 The Butterfly

$3,900.00 Sold

Figures on Black


Figures on White


Untitled III