Stephanie Crisp

Stephanie Crisp

Award winning Stephanie Crisp lives in Lyttelton on the Peninsula, an area she loves and is inspired by.

Painting has always been important to Stephanie and she exhibits nationally.  Stephanie also teaches art to small groups and runs workshops.

Stephanie works with strong acrylic colours and have been described as stunning, beautifully constructed and balanced, telling stories of places she has travelled to and areas she has lived in.

She sometimes enhances work through collaged materials and will also use embroidery to intensify the surface quality of a work.

Busy Port


Watchful Port Structures

$800.00 Sold

Peaceful Saturday Port


Spring Port

$3,480.00 Sold

Quiet Port II


Waiting Boats in Lonely Port


Blue Sea


Spring Port II

$2,000.00 Sold

Maybe To Sea

$825.00 Sold

Quiet Port

$850.00 Sold


$2,000.00 Sold

Port Steps